Let Me Guide You Through the California VA Loan Process

The VA loan program offers Veterans and Active Duty Military a great way to purchase or refinance a home. VA is just about the only program still allowing 100% financing. No other loan program compares to the VA program, which not only allows a Zero Down Payment, but also does not have Monthly Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, which is required on Conventional loans with less than 20% down and FHA loans no matter what the down payment is.

The VA loan process is easy, if you choose the right company and right Loan Officer. I focus on the VA loan program and have over 20 years experience closing VA loans. The first step is to get Prequalified.


It only takes a quick 5 minute phone call so that I can prepare customized loan scenarios based on your goals, qualifications, and payment comfort level. Once you have a solid idea of the price range and type of property you wish to pursue (Condo or Single Family Home), the next step is to move forward with VA Loan PreApproval. Most sellers will not entertain an offer from a buyer unless they have been PreApproved by a Direct Lender.

PreApproval is Free and Quick.

Once PreApproved you will be able to confidently make offers on homes, knowing your financing has been taken care of and that you’ll be able to easily close escrow in 30 days or less.

Call me directly at 949.640.3102 or simply fill out my easy form…I look forward to helping you with your California VA financing.

Home Point FinancialHome Point Financial is a VA Direct Lender with offices located in California.

CaliforniaVALoanExpert.com will prove to be a great source of information for learning the California VA loan options currently available to purchase or refinance California properties. And please, if you have any questions or would like to see customized loan scenarios, please contact me.

Get a VA Rate Quote

There has not been a better time in years to purchase a California home with a VA loan.

With higher VA loan limits in California than other parts of the country, California Veterans are able to buy homes with no down payment for up to $679,650.

(Learn about Jumbo VA loans as high as $1,500,000) California VA loan limits vary by county. (Be sure to check out the California VA loan limits page)

Taking out a VA mortgage loan on a new home purchase is a fantastic way to finance a property with a low interest rate, with little to no required down payment.

The rumor is that purchasing a home in California with a VA loan is very difficult.

But in actuality, the process is much easier than many believe. Of course it helps to work with a California Direct VA lender or loan officer who knows the in’s and out’s of the program.

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